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Private Investors

当你成为Goelzer的客户时,你会得到一个由经验丰富的365亚洲唯一官网下载专业人士组成的团队的服务. We are disciplined, thoughtful, 研究驱动的目标是一个整体的方法,并充当你的财政资源的好管家.


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我们以客户为中心,使用计划主导的解决方案来传递价值. By managing your investments, we aim to help you achieve your goals, gain peace of mind, and feel more fulfilled.

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Our Investment Approach


about your goals and dreams


to uncover investment opportunities


in a portfolio that merges your goals with our research


to control risk while seeking positive returns


so you understand your portfolio and its performance


Our Services



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Portfolio Risk Assessment

Creating and maintaining a portfolio that meets your risk tolerance.

Retirement Needs and Readiness Analysis

Planning for a comfortable, fulfilling retirement.

Portfolio Analysis and Analytics

Continually assessing the performance of your investments.

Legacy Planning

Determining the future of your wealth and assets.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Making the largest impact while creating tax efficiency.

Fees are based on assets under management, with a minimum of $1 million. 我们对包括财务规划在内的某些服务收取固定的咨询费. We never charge transaction fees or collect any product-related commissions.

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Our Team

Goelzer’s private investor specialists average over 30 years of experience, leveraging deep insights to best serve you.

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Our Team

Private Investors

Case Studies

How Goelzer has helped private clients fulfill their goals

Client since 2010

Retiring Executive

Client since 1991

Fourth Generation Family

Client since 1999

Life After Divorce

Client since 2008

Professional Athlete

  • Retiring Executive

  • Fourth Generation Family

  • Life After Divorce

  • Professional Athlete

Client Needs:

  • 这位高管意识到,由于雇主的股票价格下跌,他的净资产大幅缩水. 他的退休计划将被推迟很长一段时间,退休后的365亚洲官网下载方式也将变得简朴.

  • 寻求365亚洲唯一官网下载增长和365亚洲唯一官网下载组合再平衡,以保护财富免受进一步下行风险

  • Wanted to find a new trusted advisor to help realize his financial goals.

Goelzer Value Added:

  • 客户雇佣了Goelzer,因为他作为非营利365亚洲唯一官网下载委员会的主席,通过他的社区服务熟悉了公司的365亚洲唯一官网下载能力.

  • 他重新构建了自己的365亚洲唯一官网下载组合,目标是提高拥有财富的可能性,以实现他所设想的365亚洲官网下载方式.

  • 就如何处理股票期权提供建议,包括行使期权的时间和方式.

  • 管理他的集中股票头寸,并建立了一个定期清算策略,符合公司和SEC的政策.


Client Needs:

  • 家族集团意外地面临365亚洲唯一官网下载和遗产规划问题,在家族族长(一个公司客户)的去世时,家族惊讶地得知他的重大财富

  • 受益人没有意识到,也没有准备好继承他们亲戚的巨额财富

Goelzer Value Added:

  • Working with the family’s other professional advisors, Goelzer创造了一个财富转移策略,以最大限度地减少遗属死亡带来的税收影响

  • 管理新的365亚洲唯一官网下载组合,以满足继承了大量财富的单个家庭成员的特定需求


Client Needs:

  • Faced with the prospect of a new lifestyle after divorce, 我们的客户关心她的财务状况的方方面面,需要值得信赖的365亚洲唯一官网下载建议

Goelzer Value Added:

  • 帮助教育客户和孩子预算和储蓄的重要性

  • 设计了一种策略来对冲资本收益,并在一段时间内分散纳税义务

  • 准备了退休和支出需求分析,并估计了未来的财富预测

  • Set realistic spending expectations and redefined budget priorities

  • 构建了一个多元化和税收效率高的365亚洲唯一官网下载组合,为增长和本金安全设计


Client Needs:

  • Financial education

  • Savings plan

  • Tax-efficient portfolio management

  • Disability insurance

  • Portfolio structuring for long-term

Goelzer Value Added:

  • Portfolio tailored to client needs of long-term financial security

  • 客户也能够享受一种365亚洲官网下载方式,提供他的收入需求

  • Established tax-deferred savings “buckets” to help fund his retirement


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